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Do you have trouble with the heat and humid ??? An unprotected building roof is directly exposed to extreme weather condition like Sun’s Heat & Rain. Repeated weather cycles deteriorates the condition of roof, causing cracks on it.

Direct exposure to sun’s heat results in transferring into the buildings & raises the room temperature, which become very sultry in summers.

During Summers, Due to excessive heat, the A/C’s & Coolers has to run for a longer time to bring down the temperature. This results in increase power consumption.

During Monsoon, the water tends to enter through the cracks formed due to heat. This rain water absorption causes multiple damages to the buildings.

In Industries also, the working environment gets very hot during summers& effects the productivity of the labors. Similarly, the water in storage tanks & pipe lines gets very hot during summers.

STAR COOL SHIELD & STAR WATER SHIELD are the revolutionary field proven Heat reflective & water repellent paints.Star Cool shield has been certified as Highest Solar Reflective Value, SRI-125, in the country, tested by NABL certified lab.

STAR COOL SHIELD is designed to reflects sunlight to a greater extent and prevents the roofing materials from getting heated up, even in peak summer afternoons. keeping the rooms cool and comfortable.

STAR WATER SHIELD is designed to impart water repellency to wide variety of substrates. Incorporated with latest technology designed for prevention, repair and maintenance of the buildings.

Benefits Of Star Cool Shield:​
  • Highest Solar Reflective Value (SRI-125)
  • Saves upto 30 % Energy cost
  • Eco Friendly.
  • Water Resistant coating.
  • Cools upto 20 degree Celsius
  • Heat Insulating Paint.
  • Low VOC.
Benefit of Star Water Shield:
  • Minimizes water absorption into the surface.
  • Protect already leaking old buildings .
  • Enhances life of buildings.
  • Will last for 15+ years.
  • Prevents corrosion in structure.

Applications Of StarShield:

STAR COOL SHIELD can be applied on RCC Roof, Tile Roof, Asbestos Roofing, GI Roofing, and any Metal Roofing & on the surface of:

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