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RBI Regulations on Exports


Exemption from declaration-exports not exceeding $ 25,000
Gift of goods upto Rs. 5 lakhs without approval
GR waiver by Ads -upto2% of the average annual exports during preceding 3 years with ceiling of Rs. 5 lakhs-For status holder exports the upper limit is Rs. 10 lakhs or 2% of annual realization of exports whichever is higher

Status Holder redefined

Foreign Trade Policy 2004-2009 redefined the status holders (based on export performance of current + previous 3 years)
One Star Export House Rs.15 crore
Two Star Export House Rs.100 crore
Three Star Export House Rs. 500 crore
Four Star Export House Rs. 1500 crore
Five Star Export House Rs. 5000 crore

Facilities for Star Export Houses

Authorisation/license/certificate/ permissions and Custom clearances for both imports and exports on self declaration basis
Exemption from compulsory negotiation of documents through banks. The remittance will be received through banks
100% retention of foreign exchange in EEFC
Enhancement of normal repatriation period from 180 to 360 days

International Credit Card

Overseas buyers are permitted to pay through ICC during their visits to India
GR/SDF should be released by Ads only on receipt of funds in their Nostro Account

Software exports

On site and off site contracts
100% repatriation of off site contracts
At least 30% repatriation of on site contracts
Balance 70% can be utilised for contract related expenses .
A duly audited yearly statement showing receipts under off-site and on-site undertaken, expenses and repatriation to be sent to the AD.

RBI permission required

To acquire immovable property outside India by Indian corportes who have set up overseas offices (business or residential)
Counter trade proposal with Escrow account
Export of machinery, equipment etc on lease/hire under agreement with overseas lessee and ultimate re- import
Export on elongated terms.