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 Procurring/ Manufacturing Goods for Export & their Inspection by Govt Authorities

 Labeling, Packaging, Packing & Marking Goods

 RBI Regulations on Exports & Other Documents Required


 Documents Required for Post Parcel Customs Clearance

Procurring/ Manufacturing Goods for Export & their Inspection by Government Authorities

Procuring / Manufacturing
Compulsory Quality Control & Preshipment Inspection
ISO 9000

I. Procuring/ Manufacturing Goods

Once you are ready with the infrastructure for exporting goods and have obtained necessary finance, you should proceed to procure the goods for export. Procuring the goods should be done with extreme care and caution as to the quality and cost. However, procuring the raw materials etc. and manufacturing the goods for export will need extra efforts on your part. If you are an established exporter, you can have the facility of procuring raw materials under the Duty Exemption Scheme.

II. Compulsory Quality Control & Preshipment Inspection

An important aspect about the goods to be exported is compulsory quality control and pre-shipment inspection. Under the Export (Quality Control and Inspection) Act, 1963, about 1000 commodities under the major groups of Food and Agriculture, Fishery, Minerals, Organic and Inorganic Chemicals, Rubber Products, Refractoriness, Ceramic Products, Pesticides, Light Engineering, Steel Products, Jute Products, Coir and Coir Products, Footwear and Footwear Products / Components are subject to compulsory pre-shipment inspection.

At times, foreign buyers lay down their own standards/ specifications which may or may not be in consonance with the Indian standards. They may also insist upon inspection by their own nominated agencies. These issues should be sorted out before confirmation of order. Specific provisions have also been made for compulsory inspection of textile goods.

Products having ISI Certification mark or Agmark are not required to be inspected by any agency. These products do not fall within the purview of the export inspection agencies network. The Customs Authorities allow export of such goods even if not accompanied by any pre-shipment inspection certificate, provided they are otherwise satisfied that the goods carry ISI Certification or the Agmark.