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(a) Two Attached Offices
· Directorate General of Foreign Trade (DGFT)

with its headquarters at New Delhi, is headed by the Director General of Foreign Trade. It is responsible for implementing the Foreign Trade Policy/ Exim Policy with the main objective of promoting Indian exports. The DGFT also issues licences to exporters and monitors their corresponding obligations through a network of regional offices. The regional offices are located at 33 places.

· Directorate General of Supplies and Disposal (DGS&D)>

with its headquarters at New Delhi, is headed by the Director General. It functions as the executive arm of the Supply Division of the Department of Commerce for conclusion of Rate Contracts for common user items, procurement of stores, inspection of stores, shipment and clearance of imported stores/cargo. It has three Regional Offices located at Chennai, Mumbai and Kolkata.

(b) Five Subordinate Offices
· Directorate General of Commercial Intelligence and Statistics (DGCI&S)

with its office located at Kolkata, is headed by the Director General. It is entrusted with the work of collecting, compiling and publishing/ disseminating trade statistics and various types of commercial information required by the policy makers, researchers, importers, exporters, traders as well as overseas buyers.

· Office of Development Commissioner of Special Economic Zones

The Special Economic Zones (SEZs) are geographically exclusive enclaves separated from domestic tariff areas. The main objective of SEZs is to provide certain common facilities and a duty free environment for exporters. Each Zone is headed by a Development Commissioner and is administered as per the SEZ scheme announced on 31st March, 2000.

· Office of the Custodian of Enemy Property (CEP)

is located in Mumbai with a Branch office at Kolkata. The office is functioning under the Enemy Property Act,1968. All immovable (like land, buildings, etc.) and movable properties (like securities, shares, debentures, bank balances, viz. fixed deposits and other amounts lying in the enemy nationals' bank accounts, Provident fund balances etc.) all over India belonging to or held by or managed on behalf of Pakistani nationals between the period 10.9.1965 and 26.9.1977 are vested in the Custodian of Enemy Property for India.

· Pay and Accounts Office (Supply)

The payment and accounting functions of Supply Division, including those of DGS&D, are performed by the Chief Controller of Accounts (CCA) under the Departmentalized Accounting System. Payment to suppliers across the country is made through this organisation.

· Pay and Accounts Office (Commerce & Textiles)

The Pay and Accounts Office, common to both the Department of Commerce and the Ministry of Textiles, is responsible for the payment of claims, accounting of transactions and other related matters through the four Departmental Pay & Accounts Offices in Delhi, two in Mumbai, two in Kolkata and one in Chennai.