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Global Trade Analysis

NCTI analyses the trade data of various countries according to the requirements of several ministries, EPCs and other organisations. NCTI conducts global trade analysis by using different and very useful databases which are not easy available. The research and analysis work are carried out by NCTI by using so many Statistical formulas and data like global imports, Imports from India and India’s exports.  These analysis are very useful:

  • For exporters to export in other countries & analysing the potentials of India’s exports in other countries.
  • For importers to know about tariff concessions and duties imposed to them by other countries.
  • For various ministries to conduct FTA/PTA with foreign countries.
  • For EPCs to analyse their tariff line and share in trade data and how they contribute in expanding their operations in other countries and in India as well.

Sample Analysis

Top Ten importing countries for Pumps and Valves (HS Code- 841319)
The Table indicates focus market in each of the regions of the world, the data has been compiled for 2010-2012 for sample purpose.

Latest data is available up to Feb 2015.

Country Report

For crisp information on any country, please contact NCTI